Ekta Kapoor leaves no stone un-turned when it comes to highlighting the happenings around in her TV shows. Be it floods or a fire incident which breaks the headlines or a murder mystery making national news, Ekta Kapoor always finds a way to weave the same in her television shows which have almost a cult following. Balaji Telefilms which is Ekta Kapoor’s Television soap production empire has always kept their shows synchronized with the reality, though they have gone a bit over the top with the same earlier we hope that they don't over fictionalize the sensitive issue of terrorism through Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki because the last thing we need to do to the issue is sensationalize it any further.

Rishi Tanuja come closer due to the attack

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki which airs on Colors TVMonday to Friday at 10 pm ISD is about to experience a terrorist attack which have unfortunately become a common news across the globe now. According to the latest online reports, Rishi and Malika will be out for a short trip where they will encounter a terrorist attack and quite shockingly even Tanuja will be present in the situation. Apparently it will be Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) who will save Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) from the terrorists somehow and it will as undoubtedly not go down well with Malika. Malika as everyone knows by now is deeply in love with Rishi and is very possessive about him. So it is now obvious that though Tanuja is slowly getting closer to Rishi no deliberately but due to the situations, Malika will take all steps possible to keep her away from her love Rishi.

Rishi and Tanuja making Malika angry

The current track of Rishi falling for Tanuja and becoming close to her with every passing situation is making Malika restless and uncomfortable. We guess the last nail in the coffin for Rishi and Malika's relationship will be this attack which will create a bond between Rishi and Tanuja like never before.

It will be interesting to watch how the makers showcase the terrorist attack as it is a sensitive issue and should be handled with care. Viewers will have to wait and watch how Rishi, Malika and Tanuja come out of the attack and how their lives change due to it.