Considering all the alien stories we've already watched, I was a bit skeptical of "Arrival". Well, I was completely wrong: Amy Adams stuns in this smart and well executed movie about time and loss.

Louise Story

Denis Villeneuve directs the touching story of Louise, a linguistic who is hired by the government during an alien invasion. The Film begins with this heartbreaking emotional moment in which we are shown how Louise had a baby, her daughter grew up, but then she lost her because of a terrible illness. The gut wrenching music creates a tearjerker moment.

It is really a classy introduction in Louise's psychology: the montage and the music creates the perfect emotional connection.

Why Arrival is a Must-See

There are plenty of reasons why Arrival is a must-see. The cast is incredible: Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams are perfect in their role. The movie's rhythm is impeccable. The second part of the movie has a gamechanging, mindblowing moment: you will literally scream "WTF". In my opinion, the current state of sci-fi movies is not that positive. We have too many bad new releases and just a few brilliant entries. After that little Nolan's masterpiece called "Interstellar", Arrival is what comes closer to it. You will totally crawl into it, you will relate to Louise and you will go out of the Cinema wondering about what just happened.

The key role of Arrival's success is the emotional and complex approach in telling this overused story of an alien invasion. Aliens are not the main reason why you will have to watch the movie, the psychological complexity is the one. I loved Interstellar because it dealt with so many complex and mysterious scientific aspects without giving up on the emotions and inner turmoils of the characters.

Arrival repeats this pattern: as its story is gripping, its characters have the same amount of complexity.

Arrival Trailer

Have a look at "Arrival"Trailer:

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