‘Bajirao Mastani’ is the typical sanjay leela bhansali’s film with grand sets and opulence of wardrobe. The period film that revolves around the binding love triangle of Peshwa Bajorao, features deepika padukone as ‘Mastani.’ Sanjay Leela Bhansali rightly calls her heroine in this movie, the “horse with blinkers,” who sees nothing except her love. We couldn’t agree more to the owner of this film!

Deepika, who makes her entry into the ‘Raj Darbaar’ with the beautiful music that seems to be speaking the language of her soul, is seen keeping her eyes transfixed on her love.

With her beautiful stoic face, she is clearly head over heels on Peshwa Bajirao. The song is an epitome of grandeur.

Picturized in the subtle colours of beige and gold, the song is pleasing, not just to the ears, but also to the eyes. With the best recreation of Mughal-e-Azam era “Aina Mahal,” the set of this song is splendid, but Deepika’s sheer beauty and pious look on the face makes it the centerpeice of this song.

The Song

Not many people know that the set of this song was constructed in 45 days and it was so huge that it almost looked like a museum. At one point, Sanjay Leela Bhansali even decided to give it away as a museum after the song was done.

What makes this song even more attractive is ‘Mastani’- a female, courting her love, Peshwa Bajirao.

Breaking stereotypes, this song epitomizes feminism, where she speaks what is in her heart- with full public attention. The song is a poetic celebration of feminism set in the period where the term wasn’t even into consideration. She sings her heart out, ensuring that she has everyone’s attention and that she has made her point- loud and clear!

This also depicts her strength, her ability to stand up for her love- even when she hasn’t been proposed to by her man. This song is all about Mastani, her character in the film and her beautiful eyes. Everything else can just be called a “background” to match up to her.Overall the song is touching and well explains the story.