Since the time of its launch in May 2016 Shakti Ek Ehsaaas Ki has been making headlines with it’s never before explored plot line. It was for the first time that a main lead of a show was shown as a Kinnar on Indian televisionbut everything is about to change now.

Shakti's biggest and the most unpredictable twist

Looks like the makers have decided to give the audience what they want, though not instantly but slowly and steadily. The die-hard fans of the show were heartbroken when Saumya the female lead of the show essayed by Rubina Dilaik was shown living with Kinnars which was like the last nail in the coffin for Saumya and Harman’s (Vivian Dsena) love story.

Rashmi Sharma’s shows are famous for twists and turns which are planned according to the current happenings and the feedback from the fans.

Saumya Harman and Surbhi's love triangle on its way

Yet again with the fans across social media and likes demanding Harman and Saumya to be united, it looks like the makers finally had to budge. The upcoming episodes will reveal that Saumya who is living with other Kinnars away from the mainstream society is actually not a Kinnar. The story will then lead to a new plot which will announce that Nimmi’s real child who was a Kinnar was exchanged just after birth with Saumya and that’s how Saumya was misunderstood as Kinnar for the rest of her life though she wasn’t.On the other hand with this revelation, Nimmi’s real child who was transgender will enter the story and as per online reports the character will be played by a male actor.

The change in plot is interesting as the name of the show and the entire launch of the show was based on the fact that the main lead of the show will be a Kinnar. But now that things have changed, the fans will get to see the most awaited love triangle between Harman Saumya and Surbhi.

The biggest twist is just not that Saumya will return to Harman and the love triangle will begin, the biggest twist in fact is that by the time Saumya returns Harman will be already married to Surbhi.We will have to wait and watch how fans react to the sudden change and how the ratings of the show are affected by the same. Shakti Ek Ehsaas Ki airs on Colors Monday to Friday at 8pm.