The Fall season is always full of surprises: in order to compete at the BAFTA, Golden Globes and Academy Awards, many incredible movies are released in Autumn and Winter. There are also a great number of thrilling festivals around the world: after the Toronto Film Festival, and the Venice Film Festival, on Wednesday October 5th, the BFI London Film Festival will begin. Let's talk about the 10 hottest releases.

United Kingdom and Free Fire are the opening and closing headline movies

United Kingdom will open the LFF. The movie star Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo and it will tell this incredible love story between a British woman and the king of Botswana.Have a look at the trailer:

Free Fire is the new British action comedy movie directed by Ben Wheatley, and it stars the Academy Awards winner Brie Larson in the role of Justine along with Cillian Murphy and many more famous names.

It will close the festival. Have a look at Free Fire Trailer:

La La Land, Moonlight and Manchester By the Sea are the most appreciated by critics

La La Land, Manchester by The Sea and Moonlight have obtained an incredible buzz from the press.La La Land is the newest Damien Chazelle's feature film and it will star Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, the former as a wannabe jazz pianist and the latter as an aspiring actress. Have a look at the preview narrated by Emma Stone:

Manchester by The Sea will likely break your heart. It's a tense story of loss and love. When his brother dies, the protagonist has to take care of his nephew and returns to his hometown. Michelle Williams and Casey Affleck nail it.

Have a look at Manchester by The Sea sneak peek:

Barry Jenkins' Moonlight has been called one of the best movies of the year.Trevante Rhodesis Chiron, a young boy who grows up with a troubled mother, in a difficult neighborhood. Have a look at Moonlight trailer:

Arrival, Certain Women and Frantz

Arrival is the most anticipated sci-fi movie of the season.

It's the story of the landing of alien spaceships and how the American government reacts to this event. Amy Adams is a linguistic who will try to communicate with them. Have a look at Arrival preview:

Certain Women is the story of various intersecting lives. Three women lead different careers in Montana. Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams and Laura Dern star in one of the most critical acclaimed movie of the season.

Michelle Williams also returns to work with the Wendy and Lucy's director, Kelly Reichardt.Have a look at Certain Women trailer:

Frantz is another much discussed film. It's the new Ozon's movie that is set in the aftermath of the war. The protagonist meets Frantz who is a misterious old friend of her dead husband. Have a look at the inspiring black-and-white trailer of Frantz:

Ford's Nocturnal Animals and Di Caprio's Before the Flood

Leonardo Di Caprio presents his documentary about climate change, Before the Flood. The actor has spoken various times about this terrible catastrophe that has to be handled right now. Have a look at the Before the Floodtrailer:

Nocturnal Animals is one of the most anticipated 2016 movie.

It's new Tom Ford's feature film, and it will delve into a complicated and interconnected story within the story. Ford's style is outstanding. Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal are stunning in the trailer:

The London Film Festival has an amazing line-up. Don't miss my follow-up articles with various exclusive reviews of these intriguing upcoming movies. There will be so much to discuss.