katy perry trying to vote naked and getting arrested by two cops, urges all Americans to vote but with their clothes on. Believe it or not, that's the best a major creative team could come up with for a national pro-voting campaign in 2016. One wonders what were the dismissed ideas, probably something like "Katy says please go to vote in front of a white screen". Because what's the point of it, apart from reminding us that Katy Perry is a hottie with a rather coarse sense of humor who cares to vote (for Hillary)? The promo is part of a "funny or die" series, which luckily for the singer and her team of collaborators won't be as literal as it's suggesting in its title.

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Watch it here:

Going viral ain't easy

Going viral is always a good thing and there were probably hopes the clip would generate a million parodies and emulations from youtubers and Instagram followers; if not in public spaces, in the privacy of their own rooms.

It looks like Voting Naked hasn't catch up yet and it won't be the next Ice Bucket challenge, and the simple reason is that it makes little to no sense. Successful viral campaigns are always shareable and everybody-inclusive, often contextualizing a rather "funny", unusual action to support a deeper meaning. Whether Perry's clip has been given a humorous take, with the large black bands covering her nudity and her hair all messed up, once again the underlying feeling is about women being reduced to body parts. Eventually the naked campaign found a fan in long-time provocateur and Perry's friend Madonna, who posted a picture on Instagram where she is supposedly topless and captioning it with #votingnaked. The Katy Perry ad is fortunately just a fraction of a larger campaign by Rock The Vote, an organization whose mission is to register young people to vote and urge them to participate in the political process. Rock the Vote's 2016 campaign is called "Truth To Power" and will promote the vote among younger members of the population with art installations and a fall 2016 national bus tour featuring appearances by Rock the Vote artists and musicians, Funny or Die comedians and cultural leaders.

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