As befits one of the most outstanding singers in the world, Christina Aguilera's schedule is tight. She recently contributed her song "Telepathy" to the soundtrack of a TV series called The Get Down, released a single dedicated to the victims of the 2016 nightclub shooting in Orlando titled "Change" and, on top of that, she offered to share her vocal arcanum with anybody who is able to save $90 and enroll for an online course provided by the Masterclass platform.

Passion and drive

I must admit, as a teenage girl I used to sing Christina's songs in my room (a huge thank you to all my neighbours who put up with my loud vocal exercitations).

We all heard what she is able do with her voice and I aspired to sound exactly like her. It is not for me to decide whether my attempts to measure up with the Queen of pop were at least a tiny little bit successful but one thing I know for certain: just singing her songs is excellent training to your voice. All the vocal challenges in Christina's Music allow you to extend your range and add power to your singing. Yet, you can always go further than that and if I had been able to access her Masterclass guidance then, I would have done so in the blink of an eye. Theory and technique are only part of success and as Aguilera says in the promotional video for the course, passion and drive are everything.

The whole package

You may like her style or not but the truth of the matter is that in the early 2000s she significantly raised vocal standards for every upcoming artist and her ambitious approach to singing changed the definition of perfect. Such pioneering individuals make great teachers. In fact, Christina is not new to the idea of coaching as being one of the judges in the Voice US she already helped wannabe singers improve and get closer to making their dreams come true.

Now the time has come to reach even more students through the Masterclass platform. The online course is available to anyone for $90 and it contains 23 video lessons, over 3.5 hours of theory and practice, with some additional features such as your vocal range finder. The wide scope of topics encompasses tips and tricks on protecting your voice, overcoming performance anxiety or using microphones, which is tremendously helpful in terms of gaining invaluable technical independence.

Judging from the course outline, Christina also helps you master your self-expression and guides you on your way to finding artistic uniqueness. How does that sound? Well, pretty awesome.

Using your diaphragm properly is one thing but channeling your emotions to give a song your intended character and meaning is another story. Great mentors do not only teach you how to excel at what you want to do, they help you grow as a person. Christina Aguilera has tools and passion to transform you into a better version of yourself. Are you willing to try?