Looks like it is the season of entries and exit on Indian Television with every other showeither adding to its already huge star cast or pushing out characters abruptly to disrupt the monotony and increase the ratings. Kasam Tere Pyaar is ready with a twist, a three month leap and the comeback of a character which had started to have a huge fan following.

A huge twist in the show

Kratika Sengar’s exit from Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki had a huge impact not only on the story line but also on the fan following on the show. Since the time she exited, her loyal fans have been praying desperately for her to come back on the show, looks like their prayers are finally being answered and how.

Kratika will be seen back on the show with Ekta Kapoor’s most favorite and most used twist across all her television shows i.e. plastic surgery. The return thus will mark a huge twist in the show.

Tanuja who is actually the reincarnated Tanushree will risk her own life in saving Rishi played by Ssharad Malhotra and it will result in an accident. The accident will leave Tanuja’s face disfigured and that is how plastic surgery will come into play. Post surgery Tanuja will be seen having Kratika’s face and that will mark Kratika Sengar’s re-entry into the show. The doctors will find Tanuja holding a picture of Tanu played by Kratika Sengar and they will assume it to be her own photograph leading to them reconstructing her face to look exactly like Tanu’s.

Tanu's new face

Tanuja’s new face will be first seen by none other than the Kasam tere Pyaar Ki vamps Bani and Neha played by Roma Bali and Renee Dhyani respectively. In all probability the vamps will make sure the hero doesn’t get to see the changed face and lengthen the entire reveal. It will be interesting to see how Rishi will react to Tanuja’s face being suddenly changed to the one who he loved the most i.e. Tanu. For now we will have to wait and watch how the diehard fans of the show react to the sudden change in the cast.

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki airs on Colors TVMonday to Friday 10pm ISD.