There are many things that people find a turn off.

Bad breath, bad dancing and wandering eyes are a few things that people don't like. Having done some research I've found the 10 things that turn people off the most. You're welcome.

Bad kissing

Bad kissing is definitely not a winner. It's quite possibly the biggest turn off there is. There is no point in pulling someone or being with someone when you kiss terribly.

They're cheap

Ok so times are tough and money may be a little tight but you should at least communicate that with your potential other half first.

Don't just be cheap and not pay for anything and not give a reason. It's not very appealing.

Too cocky

No one likes a big head. Of course you need to talk about yourself but there is a fine line between explaining what you have achieved and bragging about it. There is also the fact that being cocky about yourself can make the other person feel a little insecure and that's not great.

They're boring

Believe it or not looks aren't everything. Personality is key. It's fine if you're shy or just don't talk a lot but if you come across as boring then that's a massive turn off right there. You need to engage in conversation with the other person and make them see you're an interesting person, not boring.

They lie

You need to be honest with your other half. If you lie about yourself and they find out (because the truth always comes out in the end) then you'll look a bit foolish and that's not exactly a turn on.

Too dramatic

Ok so a bit of drama now and then is good as it keeps the relationship interesting but there is such a thing as being too dramatic and it doesn't appeal to everyone, so keep that in mind.


You need to be nice to your date. You don't want to come across as a bit of a bully. If you docome across as a bit of abully then that's not a good look for you.

Bad hygiene

You have to make an effort because bad hygiene is not the one. You need to take care of yourself in order to impress and having clean smelling breath isa winner too.

Cheesy pick up lines

There needs to be a worldwide ban on saying these. Just leave them in your head cause that's where they belong. Its for the best. No time for cheesy pick up lines.

Too much nagging

Nagging is not attractive. It is off putting. Don't do it.