The 10th edition of the AppleMusic Festival is only few days ahead and this year's lineup couldn't be anymore varied and up to satisfy every kind of musical taste. From the opener Sir Elton John to Bastille, here's a trip down memory lane to their first recorded musical performances,right before they made it into the stratosphere. Find out how Alicia Keys and Britney Spears looked and sounded at the early stages of their careers and warm up for Chance The Rapper to finally tear down the Roundhouse on the last night of the event.

Apple Festival Headliners

Elton John, playing at the Roundhouse on the 18th September 2016

This is considered the earliest video recording in Elton John's career, executingBorder Song at the Yorkshire Folk, Blues, & Jazz Festival in1970. Sir Elton was 23 years old at the time and promoting his sophomore album "Elton John".

THE 1975, playing at the Roundhouse on the 19th September 2016

Before settling for The 1975, the four guys from Cheshire performed under other differentnames. Here they are performingSex as Bigsleep and Drive Like I Do in Leeds, 2010.

Alicia Keys, playing at the Roundhouse on the 20th September 2016

In 1998, a 15 years old Alicia Keys debutedwithThe little Drummer Girl on the 1998's album titled " Jermaine Dupri presents 12 Soulful Nights of Christmas".

One Republic, playing at the Roundhouse on the 21st September 2016

In 2006, playing Stop and Stare at The Coachella's, One Republic were only few months away from the magic Midas touch of Timbaland, who will transform them into global superstars with his remix of Apologize.

Calvin Harris, playing at the Roundhouse on the 23rd September 2016

Performing a track from his debut album at an Urban Outfitters store in 2007, Harris' first album was already climbing the charts but little he knew of all the mega-stardom that was about to come.

Or did he?

Robbie Williams, playing at the Roundhouse on the 25th September 2016

This is Take That first ever TV performance in 1990. It can't get any more nostalgic than this..

Bastille, playing at the Roundhouse on the 26th September 2016

Watch frontman Dan Smith singinga track with the piano in this rare pre-fame amateurish clip, dated 2009.

Britney Spears, playing at the Roundhouse on the 27th September 2016

Little Britney Jean Spears, aged 10, auditioning for Star Search with Love Can Build a Bridge. Cutesy personified.

Michael Bublé, playing at the Roundhouse on the 28th September 2016

Crooner Bublé in 1998, singing Ella Fitzgerald's Mack The Knife at 1998 TV program "what legends are made of...", 5 years before his debut album in 2003.

Chance The Rapper,playing at the Roundhouse on the 30th September 2016

This year's most awaited Live act will be rightfully also the closing one. Watchhim rapping at YOUmedia Summer Soul Session in 2011 and you can truly see a raw talent in the making.

Apple Music Festivalruns from 18th September to 30th September 2016 at TheRoundhouse, London.