It was quite a shock for the die-hard Saath Nibhana Saathiya fans when Mohammad Nazim suddenly broke the news of him leaving the show. With his exit the makers decided not to replace with character Ahemji with other actor but to end the character plot with his exit itself. Though it was predicted that the new character won’t be able to match Ahemji’s charm and simplicity, the fact that it did not click at with the audience was kind of a surprise.

Ahemji to make an epic comeback

Makers of Saath Nibhana Saathiya had introduced a new character as Dr.

Krishan Raheja when Mohammad Nazim left the show. The chemistry between the female lead Gopi played by Devoleena Bhattacharjee and the new actor Khalid Siddiqui was unable to woo the audiences who all this time kept their hopes high for Ahemji’s comeback.

Ahem's exit shakedGopi's faith

The current track is about Gopi’s mother-in-law Kokilaben forcing Gopi to get married to Dr.Krishan Raheja and start a new life again. The marriage finally takes place with Gopi cursing her favorite god Krishnaji for creating havoc in her life and taking Ahemji away from her.

Modi family disintegrates dueto Gopi's remarriage

Not all members of Modi family are happy with Gopi’s remarriage with Dr. Krishan Raheja. Paridihi and Jigar are against Gopi’s remarriage, Jigar even hurts Kokilaben by saying that she got Gopi remarried because she just wanted to shoo away Gopi from the house.

Thus Gopi's remarriage did not only shake her belief in Krishnaji but also cracked family ties between Jigar, Paridhi and Kokilaben.

Ahemji's comeback plot yet to be revealed

Gopi quite against her will has left the Modi house post her remarriage. It will now be interesting to see how the makers twist the plot and bring back dead Ahemji to life to again create a lot of confusion in innocent Gopi’s life. But since Ahemji’s character was so down to earth and loving, one can guess that his comeback on the show is only going to be welcomed with huge viewership and applauds.