Mohommad Nazim who plays Ahem Modi on Star Plus’s popular drama show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya had become a synoym with his character on the show so much that he was known more as Ahem than as Nazim. Online news reports about the show confirm that Nazim has infact quit the show.

Bad news for Saath Nibhana Saathiya fans

It’s really heartbreaking news for his fans since Ahem Modi is the only character right now for which Nazim is loved for. May be that exactly is the reason behind his decision. The show has been one of the number one rated show for the channel for the longest one.

The show which has been going on for like forever revolves around Gopi and her mother in law Kokilaben with the occasional entry and exists of villains and vamps. Reports suggest that Mohommad Nazim quit the show as he wanted to explore something new as an actor and he also has two three film projects on his hand for which he required the time out from Television.

The second leap is the culprit!

The show has already had a leap and is getting ready for the second leap which is putting off many actors. After Nazim, the female lead of the show Devoleena Bhattacharjee who plays Ahem Modi’s wife Gopi is expected to leave the show too. Apart from the main lead, Sonam Lamba who essays the role of Gopi and Ahem’s daughter Vidya is also rumored to leave the show soon if the second leap is finalized.

Devoleena, Sonam and Vishal too expected to quit soon

Vishal Singh who plays Ahem Modi’s brother on the show has also called in quits for a film career. His movie Traffic has recently hit the box office and is also gathering rave reviews. Vishal also walked the ramp at LA Fashion Week where he got to meet none other than the Diva Tyra Banks.

Just like the story and the characters on the show, the cast of the show in reality is falling apart too it seems. Hoping that the cast somehow finds a way to stay back and continue to provide entertainment to their fans through Saath Nibhana Saathiya which they have done for a long time now.