The Big Bang Theory has been one of the most popular sitcom on American Television for quite some time now. The show with crazy fandom touches a significant milestone this week with the air of its 200th episode. On the special occasion the cast looked back into time and discussed how they were cast and how the show made them crazily famous. Reports suggest that the cast and crew got together for a celebration at Vibiana in Los Angeles. Kaley dressed in a sexy low cut black dress also posed with the comic book writer Stan Lee at the event.

Kaley Cuoco also revealed through an interview given to a popular magazine that she still remembers her audition which she gave alongside Jim Parsons very vividly.

Cuoco’s vivid memory is obvious considering the fact that she was not the first actor to be cast for The Big Bang Theory. Apparently the pilot of the show was shot with Johnny Galecki as Leonard and Jim Parsons as Sheldon. The pilot also had a Katie instead of Penny as the next door neighbor. In fact there were two versions of The Big Bang Theory pilot itself, one apart from the one we see right now was that two men run into a distressed prostitute and take her in. But this version of the pilot just didn’t work and later when Galecki and Parsons were taken onboard the current show plot was fixed completely.

Now years later the show also stars the most loved characters of Bernadette and Amy played by Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik.

Jim Parsons who plays the brainy geek physicist on the show is reported to have spent a lot of time in learning the tough words to portray Sheldon Cooper to the best. Mayin Bialik who plays Sheldon’s sweetheart Amy had no idea about the show and had not even seen it before she was cast. She had not seen the show apparently because she lives in a home without television.

The celebratory 200th episode will air on 25th February 2016 which is been now called as the Big Bang Theory Day and revolve around Sheldon Cooper’s birthday. Sheldon’s birthday has never been celebrated before on the show. The guest stars for the episode include Christine Baranski, Sara Gilbert and Adam West.