Rihanna one of the most popular and idolized pop star of current times as released her latest music video named Work and it is not only disgusting but also disappointing at the same time. It is really unfortunate that artist of her caliber has resorted to cheap and cringe worthy lap dances in the name of Music.

Though Rihanna always treats her fans with something new and out of the ordinary, the Work music video has not gone down well especially with her very own fans. The latest single from Rihanna has skyrocketed its way to the top of US Billboard last night with its release.

Both Rihanna and Drake released two versions of the track back to back but the one which has let down and angered the fans is the one where Rihanna almost appears to be stimulating oral sex in an uncomfortably revealing outfit. The said video in which Rihanna can be seen wearing a transparent sparkly top if full of provocative content and is truly a shocker. At a particular point in the video, Rihanna turns her back to the camera while Drake can be seen staring her waist region, she then moves forward and Drake’s face is nowhere to be seen in the scene.

The video which begins with an eyeful of bumping and grinding in a sweaty club has interestingly not gone down well even with the male fans who took over to the social media platform Twitter to express their displeasure.

All Rihanna fans just like everyone else are revolted by the sexual content in the video.

Though this is not the first time that Rihanna or for that matter any other pop star has resorted to sexual dance moves and over the top sexually provocation lyrics to capture attention, create a controversy and jump up the charts. Beyonce had released a music video too where she was dressed in lingerie and tossing around in the bed but it was done in a sophisticated manner which resulted in her gaining praise for the same.

But this time the difference is that Rihanna’s own fans are quite displeased by the whole act of indecency in the Work video. Looks like some Rihanna fans are done with the forced and constant flesh flashing.