The movie we all were desperately waiting for has finally released. Watching Akshay Kumar’s movies has become a beautiful cinematic experience baring two or three nonsensical duds here and there which includes Entertainment and Singh is Bling. Airlift as the promos revealed is a movie about India’s largest evacuation of its citizens from Kuwait in the year 1990 when Kuwait was invaded by Iraq.

Akshay Kumar plays rich Ranjit Katyal who is a rich businessman who owns one of the most sought after palaces in the town. He has all the means and money to escape the dreaded scenario along with his wife and kid but he instead decides to help the other 170,000 Indians who unlike him have no means to escape.

Director Raja Krishna Menon has smartly planted layers of Akshay Kumar’s personality which is fairly opposite to his decision to stay back and help others. His character in the beginning is shown to detest the very fact that he is an Indian which changes as the narrative of the movie moves forward.

Akshay Kumar is known for his stunts and this movie gives immense scope to explore that arena and Akshay has nailed it again. The best thing about the movie is it catches you unaware, just when you get comfortable watching it moves on to scenes where people are suddenly shot on streets which is followed by unpredictability in the movie as well as the audiences minds. Cameos by Prakash Belawadi playing George, Kumud Mishra who plays MEA babu are noteworthy.

Nimrat Kaur who plays Akshay Kumar’s wife in the movie does a splendid job with her subtle performance. The editing of the movie requires a special mention as the editing of the movie done by Hemanti Sarkar is skilful and swift. Airlift is by far the most brilliant attempt of portraying desperation through sound and lights.

The movie will leave every Indian proud especially with the Indian Republic Day round the corner on 26th January 2016. Airlift is one Bollywood movie which touches hearts and injects patriotism into the audience, a must watch for everyone who wants to watch quality Cinema.