How do you avoid being forever stereo-typed as a child star in the hugely successful Harry Potter Film series? That appears to be something that the former young wizard Daniel Radcliffe is gradually shaking off by portraying a number of totally different characters on the silver screen. His latest role as a farting corpse seems to be about as far removed as you can get from his previous persona as you could get.

JK Rowling character made him a star

Radcliffe became an instantly recognisable movie star to millions around the world when he became the lead character, as authoress JK Rowling’s fantasy books blossomed into popular movies.

Yet an actor needs to move on to new challenges and push their abilities in different directions.

The 26-year-old Fulham born thespian commonly seems to sport whiskers on his face these days, no doubt partly a reflection of the parts he plays but also one suspects to add a sense of growing maturity.

Making the right noises?

He certainly seems to be the talk of the town all over again judging by the ‘noises’ emanating from the Sundance Film Festival. Audiences have been seemingly challenged by the images and sounds on screen, as Radcliffe plays the part of a corpse with a distinctively unpleasant aroma.

In the “Swiss Army Man”, an American comedy-drama featuring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Paul Dano alongside the British star, he washes up on a beach as a dead body.

Not that his ‘predicament’ is the end of the story by any means, as the man who discovers his corpse reanimates his new best friend.

Mixed reactions after screening

The initial screening resulted in a mixture of reactions from the intrigued but often clearly offended onlookers. Half the audience decided to show their disapproval by walking out during the film.

In explanation, one tweet suggested that they had been subjected to “a 90-minute fart joke.”

Taking the good with the bad though, there were some positive responses from other viewers who persevered rather longer with the on-screen action and dialogue. One such person described what they had witnessed as being “completely nuts, hilarious, unique and bizarre.”

Dano plays the role of ‘Hank’

Dano (“There Will Be Blood” and “12 Years a Slave”) takes on the role of ‘Hank’ in the film, written and directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert.

Having been marooned on an island he is provided with hope of getting back to the mainland by the appearance of Radcliffe’s seemingly dead body. Upon determining that there is still life left in the supposed corpse however, Hank sets about teaching his new friend about the world once again.

The film premiered at the acclaimed American film festival on January 22nd.