Asseason 10 of Supernatural [VIDEO] finished with the darkness (no not the rock band) being unleashed upon the world, fans can expect season 11to follow on immediately after, rather than weeks or months later.As usual, the Winchesters have made a mess trying to save each other. Now they have to clean it up. It’s not like they’ve spilt a cup of sugar though. This is the world they have to save (again) so it’s going to take some time.

There’s good news for anyone who misses the good old days of the brothers working together without one been angry or upset at the other, before they repeatedly risked their lives/died for each other, each time introducing a bigger problem.

The brothers will now have to put all that behind them and work together if they are going to defeat the darkness.

The other good news, if you’re a Felicia Day fan, is that she has hinted that she would return to the show, saying she hasn’t ruled it out. Of course it’s not up to her ultimately, but as she was a popular character with many it’s certainly a possibility. Every fan knows that in the Supernatural universe, death is never the end for their beloved characters. Just look at how many times Bobby has appeared in the show since his death. Executive producer Jeremy Carver has stated that a fan favourite will return to the show.

There’s been speculation as to who it could be, whether it’s Felicia Day, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s or one of the other many characters killed off over the years.

However, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is currently starring in Extant and The Good Wife amongst other filming commitments so if he does make a return, it may not be this season

There’s also a new character called Amara played by Emily Swallow from The Mentalist. She’s set to have a big part in this season’s storyline and to cause plenty of trouble for Sam and Dean.

Although it’s unclear whether she’s anything to do with the darkness which the brother unleashed. It’s all set to be an explosive eleventh season. The new season starts on October 7for viewers in America and most likely a later date in other countries, depending on where you are.