The recent beef between rappers Drake and Meek Mill might spell make or break for Meek Mill’s career. Drake presented the 2015 edition of OVO fest in Toronto last weekend for his many adoring fans, however the occasion wasn’t to be just a simple concert; Drake took it as another opportunity to up the ante in his feud with Meek Mill. During the concert Drake performed his two “diss tracks” ‘Charged Up’ and ‘Back to Back’ whilst displaying a slideshow featuring multiple memes that the Internet had created as a result of the beef; to make things worse, Drake was caught backstage with Philadelphia born rapper and actor Will Smith as well as Kanye West having a laugh over some these memes at Meek Mill’s expense.

Drake’s actions at the concert are the latest in a line of events that have followed since Meek Mill accused the rapper of using a ghost-writer. Since the two rappers starting feuding Drake has proceeded to goad Meek and take multiple shots at his credibility with actions including but not limited to going to the rapper’s former high school and donating $75,000 in order to revamp a recording studio there, the rapper has been videoed stating that he ‘can’t take any L’s’ in reference to the situation with Meek as well as wearing a free Meek Mill t-shirt, mocking the fact that they were once friends.

The concert quickly caused up a storm on social media, with many people quick to laugh at the fact that Drake acknowledged the internet’s contribution to his feud with Meek Mill.

Drake’s fanbase on websites such as twitter and instagram have been a driving force behind Drake’s upper hand in this beef, with other rappers adding their two cents to situation, most notably Chris Brown who Drake also feuded with three years ago and Rick Ross, an affiliate of Meek Mill.

Drake teased a possibility of another diss track being in the works, simply stating that Meek Mill doesn’t want to see a ‘threepeat.’ So far Meek Mill has only sent one "diss track" in Drake’s direction following his series of tweets and the song was received very poorly, should Drake drop a third diss without Meek responding, it could signal lights out for the relevance that Meek Mill has gained himself.

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