Now as he seems to be gaining popularity, at least if the prediction polls are anything to go by, everyone seems to be split in opinion. Some people sing his praises while others seem to be on a mission to discredit him, in whatever way they can. Here is why I think Jeremy Corbyn is the only option for Labour leader. Please bear with me as it's rather long winded, but I feel it's necessary to explain my point.

At the moment The Conservatives seem to be pummelling the poor, the disabled and generally anyone unfortunate enough to be unfortunate.

Sick and disabled people are having benefits and funds slashed, stopped altogether or just replaced with smaller payments. For example I've spoken to one person who was clearly too ill to work and yet was asked to claim JSA or else survive on £50 a week. This was to cover everything including rent, which of course is an impossibility, especially when this isn't much more than the cost of Iain Duncan Smith's breakfast. I would hope this poor woman's case was a one off, but I see people struggling with similar issues all the time.

Those on benefits, who are capable of work, are persecuted rather then given real help to get real employment. The public are actively encouraged to target as much of their anger towards them as they possibly can, because it's their own fault, right?

When the prospect of full employment is obviously impossible, we can hope to get close to it, but not under this Government, not while they inflict suffering on those they consider to be beneath them. When we have the so called initiatives such as workfare or apprenticeships, how can we ever hope for anything close to full employment and therefore how can we hope to lower the welfare bill?

Well the governments' answer of course is to indirectly kill them. I don't know if they actually set out to do this or if they are just ignorant, but the end result is still the same. No money means no food, bills or home to live in. All this will eventually lead to death. What else could it lead to?

Now since I first heard Jeremy Corbyn speak at the anti-austerity march, I was bowled over at the first MP I have come across to care about people and still have his morals intact.

If elected leader he would speak for so many of us who don't have a voice and who currently don't seem to matter. As much as it seems too good to be true to think such a person could ever become Labour leader and go on to become prime minister, I can only hope he does.

His ideas for growing the economy make much more sense than stifling those who already have so few opportunities to begin with. The economy can never fully recover when the rich push the poor further and further into the ground. If nothing else, Jeremy Corbyn deserves a chance to speak up for the people. If there's even the slightest chance that his views and ideas can lead to the reduction of needless suffering and death, then isn't it worth electing him as leader and giving him that voice? What's the alternative? Elect one of the other three and watch as they all agree with everything the conservatives do to the poor to make them poorer.