It may sound farfetched to think that someday the homeless will be systematically killed off, forced out in to the open to be mistreated by the public, punished by the weather and starved to death as a result of a ban on feeding them. However it would seem that we’re already halfway there.

Take the homeless of Manchester for example. After months of campaigning to try and get the local council to help them, the council instead hounded them put of the city centre with court orders. Now they can no longer put up tents in the city centreand are resigned to sleeping on benches and in doorways.

The sad truth is that some members of the public find it funny to show cruelty to homeless people and without the safety of being part of a group which the homeless camp provided them, they are once again more vulnerable.

Of course that’s not the main issue though. They shouldn’t be homeless at all. The council should have used the money to help them rather than taking them to court for the crime of wanting somewhere to live. It just baffles me, why the people in charge, supposedly human, cannot show understanding. Those who are unfortunate enough to be homeless did not ask to be homeless.

The video circulating online, which shows the day the homeless camp had their tents confiscated, shows how heartless the council really are.

I realise it’s the Police carrying out the act. To a point I can believe that they arejust following orders and doing their jobs, although not one of them looks sorry about it.

The members of the homeless camp could only watch clearly devastated as their tents, which had been kindly donated by the public, were thrown into the back of a rubbish truck as heavy rain fell down onto them and their fewremaining belongings.

It’s just cruel, these are people who have already lost pretty much everything. All they have now are their lives and a handful of belongings.

It was heart-breaking to watch the video as a homeless man, with his sense of humour still intact, pointed to the police saying, he used to want to be one of them, but not anymore.

Although we haven’t had bans on feeding the homeless yet, it’s only a matter of time if things keep going in this direction.

It’s already happened in various parts of America, so it’s really not that farfetched to think the UK could jump on the idea.

Too many people turn and look the other way, because it doesn’t affect them. When you hear the stories of how some of these people became homeless, who realise how easily it could be you.

Meanwhile just last week two homeless people donated to charityall the change they had been given to buy themselves food. One of them even ran after someone to return a wallet he had dropped. It just shows that those with the least to give are usually the kindest and most thoughtful. Perhaps this is because they know what it’s like to suffer hardships.