About a year from now the 1996 blockbuster movie, Independence Day's sequel will come out, and the Earth will once again be terrorized by evil aliens who want to conquer the planet. The production started shooting a couple of weeks ago, as it was documented by actor Jeff Goldblum himself, after he posted a selfie with the Film's producer, Dean Devlin, from the set of the movie. Roland Emmerich, the director of the original and the follow-up, finally stopped teasing the audience, and revealed the full title of the new Independence Day, which holds the subtitle of Resurgence.

Mr. Emmerich, along with the cast and the crew of Independence Day Resurgence, also answered some questions about the plot and the characters themselves, although they tried to remain as secretive as they could. The most important development is the state of the planet's countries: after the events of the first movie, humanity is united against the common threat of the aliens.

Everyone is waiting for them to come back, and the nations want to be prepared for that, and thus they created Earth Space Defense, a multinational defense group that's been charged with planetary defense. This group is led by Jeff Goldblum's character, David Levinson, although his appointment is purely based on past glory rather than actual skills.

Although Bill Pullman reprises his role as Thomas Whitmore, he is no longer the president of the USA, as the country is now being led by a woman, President Lanford, played by Sela Ward. Ms. Ward described her character as a leader, who is much more aggressive than her predecessors, mainly because "it's a very different time".

Whitmore's daughter, Patricia (played by Maike Monrow) will also return to the screen, possibly as a fighter pilot, like her dad.

Will Smith reportedly won't be seen in the sequel but his family, wife, Jasmine (played by Vivica A. Fox), and son, Dylan (played by Jessie Usher), will appear on the screen. Dylan had to grow up as the son of the human race's savior, so this premise has every potential to deliver the next big hero in the franchise, as he tries to prove his own worth.

Another hero candidate is Liam Hemsworth's brand new character, Jake Morrison, who is a former fighter pilot, now demoted to do a forklifting job on the Moon with a special spaceship called Moon Tug. As Mr. Hemsworth mentioned, his character does not like this kind of work a bit as he wants to return to the best of the best group of fighter pilots.

All in all, on paper humanity is ready for whatever's there to come but after the inevitable happens, and the aliens return more advanced than ever before, new heroes along with the old ones have to rise (again) to save the human race from extinction.

Independence Day Resurgence will hit theatres in June 2016.