Anne Hathaway shortly found herself among the famous Hollywood actresses, thanks to her role in The Princess Diaries in 2001, which was based on Meg Carbots novel. Despite that the second movie was not so successful, Disney still feels that there is more to come. In the past few years Hathaway often referred that she is done with the franchise and does not wish to play in the new movie if they continue the series. But she claimed this before the studio gave green light to the project.

In the story of 'The Princess Diaries' 2, Mia became a beautiful woman in the last 5 years, who is very excited to start her new life as the princess of Genovia.

It turns out shortly after she moves to her grandmother's (queen Clarisse) castle that she cannot enjoy her role as a princess, she has to wear the crown very soon. But, of course, problems don't come alone. She has to face the law of Genovia which says that in order to become queen she has to get married before the coronation.

Mia's love life is a disaster: "I'm searching for my mate. Sometimes I have the feeling that I'm the unluckiest person in the world. Really! When I think about it, okay I'm not a sex bomb, but neither an unwieldy behemoth. I'm living in New York, the coolest city in the whole world. On the top of all, I'm a princess and I'm finally dating someone. What else could I wish for?

What a malarkey." And the fact that she is the heir to the throne doesn't help. Moreover! It's true that she is finally dating someone, but he is not the One. Mia desires Michael, but unfortunately he is taken. He is dating Judith, the biology genius who is cloning midges. Can Mia charm Michael from the clone queen? Well, we will see…

There is no information yet about how Disney would continue the story, for this we will have to wait until they announce the project officially. Anyway, it already turned out that Debra Chase will produce the movie as she did the last two parts too. 'The Princes Diaries' 3 will debut in cinemas in 2017.