Britain's newborn princess has been named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Duke of Cambridge Prince William and wife Kate Middleton ensured that the name of their second born bears the name of distinguished members of the royal family. The name is now considered to be homage to Prince William's parents and grandmother.

According to an official announcement made by Kensington Palace, the royal baby, who has been in the news ever since she was born on Saturday, will be addressed as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Charlotte was the name most favoured name in the bookies circuit as the maximum bet was on the royal baby to be named as Charlotte.

Alice, yet another popular name was being circulated which was speculated to be royal baby's name, but William and Kate settled down for three distinct names.

Prince Charles had reportedly shown an affinity towards Charlotte, the feminine form of Charles. Middle name is in honour of Queen Elizabeth, the infant's 89-year old great grandmother. The third name Diana is in remembrance of William's late mom Lady Diana, who died in 1997 in a car accident in Paris. 

Prince William was known to be extremely close to his mother, who died when he was still a teenage boy. William's younger brother Prince Harry, who is at the moment serving the Army in Australia is planning to visit United Kingdom soon as he cannot wait to meet the little Princess.

The royal baby, who in every possible term, will lead a luxurious and privileged life, will be fourth in line to the throne after Charles, William and older brother Prince George, who is now a year old.

The glimpse of the baby was shown to the world in less than 10 hours after Princess Charlotte was born. Mom Kate Middleton is possibly the only mother who has managed to look so ravishing in a short time after giving birth.

For the last two days, tourists thronged at the Buckingham Palace to get an update on the royal baby and her name.

The name was announced after a small traditional ceremony which included gun salutes in London in honour of the princess and a pealing of bells at the Westminster Abbey.

The princess' name will also be a remembrance to the Victorian era since Charlotte has been the most popular name in the Royal family tree.

George III's wife Queen Charlotte was a commanding royal member who had 15 children. Charlotte was also the name of the only child of King George IV. The princess had died during childbirth in 1817.