2015 has officially become the year of spy movies: not only because of the extraordinarily high number of movies in this genre, but because nearly all of them are excellent, and what’s more: they are unique and their approaches to the genre are different. To list of the elegantly funny Kingsman: The Secret Service, the failed Gunman, the self-ironical and hilarious Spy, the perfect popcorn-movie Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation, and the more than food for thought Citizenfour now we can add The Man from U.N.C.L.E too, and then in autumn comes the promising new James Bond movie (Spectre) and Bridge of Spies by Spielberg and Coen.

Kingsman is an interesting item on the list as its director, Matthew Vaughn was Guy Ritchie’s producer earlier, and they are still friends. Only with a few months’ difference both of them are working on spy comedies with elegantly dressed heroes wearing suits. But what makes The Man from U.N.C.L.E unique and different from earlier spy movies, and what aspect of the genre does it show?

First of all: it’s retro. It is placed in the ‘60s and amazingly shows the formalities, sights and even the films of the era. It’s impressively stylish but not old-fashioned: it uses the past’s formalities, but works in a modern way and doesn’t copy. That’s why its sight is amazing, and it’s a great experience to watch every picture of it.

Allegedly, big movies can be made only by working hard. The Man from U.N.C.L.E will be the most stylish and coolest film of the summer. Everything that was good in the ‘60s will come alive in the movie. A Soviet and an American agent join forces to save the world, and at the same time they are flirting with chicks, get into fights and break amazing cars – but they didn’t strain themselves at all.

We can say that not only because they are filming at the most beautiful places of the world but because Armie Harmer, impersonating the Soviet superspy, admitted it.

“I know other actors work with teachers, coaches and military trainers, but my Russian accent is simply from Youtube” – admitted the star on a TV-show, – “and Guy liked it this way.

By the way our director is a very cool man. My first casting was at his house. I learnt the script and was very excited, and he welcomed me lying next to his pool wearing swim shorts. We started to talk about the movie there. I was wearing a jacket while he was wet. I immediately felt that we will get on well with each other.”

The movie is already in U.K cinemas, having premiered last Friday.