When was the last time you left the theatre after watching a romantic Bollywood movie and felt really sad for the protagonists? Well let's say rarely does it happen. Bollywood which has now become a Mecca for item songs and rampant vulgarism has given us all a surprise with Hamari Adhuri Kahani, all thanks to Mr. Mohit Suri.

To start with, the movie stars the best of Bollywood actors i.e Emran Hashmi, Vidya Balan and Rajkumar Rao. The story is fairly a simple love triangle between Vidya's character Vasudha who is married to Rajkumar Rao a violent personality and Emran Hashmi who is a rich hotelier who has everything except love.

There are some spectacular scenes with the two greatest Bollywood actors together and apart, Vidya shines as a suppressed woman while Emran outshines as a man who is madly in love. The only problem with the movie seems to be its not made for this age and time. In this age of woman empowerment and liberation, to think of a fact that a woman will remain under the scary domains of her husband seems to be unnatural, though it is still a reality of millions.

Also the direction could have been better, some scenes really make you feel the outburst of emotions and the problem is exactly that. In a movie like Hamari Adhuri Kahani where one goes into the theatre with an intention to be teary eyed more than once, it's a let-down when that doesn't happen.

The dialogues though are good, don't stand out nor speed up the narrative, only making the characters look more unreal and distant. When someone speaks only in dialogues and not the human language then it starts alienating the audience and that's another section where the movie falls flat.

The script is more amazing than one can imagine, the actors have given more awesome performance than you can think but then all of this falls flat when the whole package doesn't give you the feel you were looking for.

Not everyone will understand Vasudha, because not everyone believes she can exist as we all love to believe there is no woman suppression happening anywhere.

The Film is true to its name, it's a love story which is incomplete. Go watch this one with an open mind and you will like it for its cinematic beauty, its performances, the script and not to forget the mesmerizing music especially "Hasi Ban gaye". And if you are an Emran Hashmi or a Vidya Balan fan like me then you will fall in love with it like I did for no reason, accepting all its faults.