Vidya Balan is one name in Bollywood which stands for quality cinema. While her last few movies have fared averagely at the box office, she still remains one actress who is every thinking man's sex symbol.

While Vidya is busy shooting for Mahesh Bhatt's "Hamaari Adhuri Kahaani", Subhash Ghai a veteran film maker who has always loved Vidya's work has been away from the film scene completely post his box office dud "Kaanchi".

Subhash Ghai might be on break, as far as producing movies, but he certainly is doing many other things benefiting everyone who dreams to be a Bollywood star and is ready for the overhaul, one of which includes his film school "Whistling Woods".

Now he has gone a step ahead and started a meditation centre called "Gurukul".

Besides that, the showman has also signed Vidya Balan as the brand ambassador of Gurukul. According to the producer, the reason behind his choice for the face of Gurukul, was that Vidya is the only "non-cosmetic" actress in Bollywood and that she immediately said yes to his Gurukul proposal and also showed interest to learn more about meditation in depth from Gurukul.

Gurukul as explained by Ghai, is not a religious specific centre and won't be propagating any particular religion being a concept solely based on spirituality. He mentioned that Gurukul is a place where actors in particular can visit and dwell in spirituality, explore meditation techniques and simply relax rather than going for detox treatments abroad.

It is also learned that Vidya Balan and Subhash Ghai may also come together to start a classical music school in Gurukul, though complete and confirmed details are not yet available. It is built on 5.5 acres of land in Goregaon Film city and is built on the lines of Rabindranath Tagore's Shantiniketan. Apparently Ghai had purchased 20 acres of land in Goregaon Film city but it got into legal trouble and he was allotted only 5.5 acres of it.

The meditation centre is expected to become a destination for all famous Bollywood media personalities.