Twin Peaks premiered 25 years ago and 2 seasons were enough for the Show was considered one of the best of all time. The series was one of the most watched in the 90s, created a huge cult of fans and also was entitled to a movie. Now, is back, but without David Lynch, one of its creators. It was him who broke the news to fans through twitter, and the reason given relates to monetary issues.

"After 1 year and 4 months of negotiations, I left because it was not offered enough money to make the script, the way I felt it needed to be done. This end-of-week I started calling the actors to tell them that I will not perform [the series]. Twin Peaks may well continue living on Showtime. I love the world of Twin Peaks and wish things could have turned out differently". These were the reasons that Lynch gave fans in three different posts.

To recall that, along with Mark Frost, Lynch was the creator and executive producer of the series and director of the film "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me", which served as the prologue and epilogue to the original format. The project director's departure has raised doubts about the continuity of the series, but his return, at least for now, has not been compromised.

These were the words shared by Showtime:. "We were sad to read the statement by David Lynch, we believed to be working to reach a solution with David and his representatives in the few remaining points of the agreement. Showtime also loves the universe Twin Peaks and will continue to cling to the hope that we can bring it back in all its glory with its extraordinary creators, David Lynch and Mark Frost, to direct it".

Starring Kyle MacLachlan, the series focused on the investigation of the murder of a high-school student, Laura Palmer, in the small - and fictional - Twin Peaks city, located in Washington State. This return, provided with 9 episodes, aims to give answers to some questions that have been left to answer.

For now, just know that MacLachlan is back to his role as agent Dale Cooper, but with the return of the series scheduled only for 2016, there is still time for more confirmations.