When you think of Vidya Balan , you think of immense talent. She is every thinking man's sex symbol. With Bobby Jasoos, Balan has taken the bollywood movie lovers for a ride to the narrow streets of Hyderabad where Bilkis Ahmed dreams of making it big as a Detective.

The movie is produced by Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha under Born Free Entertainment, the movie stars Ali Faizal opposite the Dynamite named Balan. The plot is simple to understand and quite pacy with hyderabadi touch being carefully imparted to all scenes. Realism is the key when it comes to thrillers and mystery movies and Bobby Jasoos lives up to both these fronts with scenes showing Bilkis Ahmed (Balan) waking up with frizzy hair to her visiting a costumes lender.

Of all the songs , the one which will stay with you is the "TU" song, its a treat to watch and honey to ears. Vidya Balan through Bobby Jasoos adds another feather to her cap by exploring yet another genre and paving a way for detective movies in future.

Its more of a "Detective-In-Progess" movie than a full fleged detective movie. I guess the sequeal if ever made will be able to show a more complicated plot.

For now, full marks to the Balan for trying something new and being unapologetic about it.