"He gave me his heart on Valentine's Day and I said YES!", shared the pop singer in her Instagram account, showing to the world the heart-shaped engagement ring chosen by her future husband, actor Taylor Kinney.

Gaga, 28-years-old, and Kinney, 33-years-old, have been dating for about four years. And the artist, who is already comparable to Madonna, has only good things to say about the actor of the american show 'Chicago Fire'. He's very "supportive of everything I do", "he's the first man whom I have dated, that when I sing on stage, he cries" and "he is a hidden weirdo".

There were several comments from the singer about Taylor, but the last one clearly refers to the fact that the artist is considered bizarre while her boyfriend appears to be otherwise.

But, as every human being, both have several facets: the two can be extremely strange, but their relationship can also be quite normal, as Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga's real name) said in the past. The engagement is a proof of that.

Not only asking someone to get marry is a traditional custom, but also asking someone to marry on Valentine's Day is a classic. After the yes, the couple was allegedly seen in the pop artist's family restaurant in Manhattan. The executive director of the Times Herald-Record, Barry Lewis, who dined with his wife at Joe Germanotta's restaurant (father of the singer), told that the couple gave the news and showed the ring, and that Joe opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Everything very traditional.

Gaga and Kinney met while shooting "You & I", four years ago, a song in which the singer talks about unrequited love. In her personal life, that didn't happen, as their love ends in marriage, a wish revealed by the artist. And so, yesterday, the rumour that the actor had bought an engagement ring was confirmed .

But, if the request was quite traditional, it is expected - or at least I expect - that the wedding is not. And I suspect that the wedding dress of Lady Gaga is going to be one of the most anticipated dresses. After all we're talking about the woman who wore meat.