Armstrong, considered one of the best cyclists, ended the fantasy when assumed the consumption of steroids. And the consequences of this confession continue to take place. Not only is his career over but also his bank account. Armstrong was sentenced to pay about 10 million dollars (more than 6 million pounds) to SCA Promotions Inc.

The company from Dallas, Texas, gave the former cyclist a sponsorship bonus, worth 5 million dollars (more than 3 million pounds), after he won the Tour in 2004. After the doping charges against Armstrong, which lasted years, the insurance company sought the annulment of this sponsorship.

After two years of court dispute, the two sides agreed on an initial payment to Armstrong.

But in 2012, when Armstrong confessed to the consumption and saw his career destroyed, SCA Promotions Inc. tried and got to reopen the case. The final decision was taken by a three-judge panel: the company will be compensated for all the investment in Armstrong. A Texas court sided with the company and also judged Tailwind Sports, former owners of the US Postal Service team, in which the cyclist ran. According to a Portuguese newspaper 'Público' the verdict was that both Armstrong and Tailwind Sports committed perjury, fraud and conspiracy - actions that require sanctions.

About six million pounds by the seven times winner of the Tour de France are going to be returned to the insurance company.

The cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong, is also recognized for founding the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which fights against the disease. When in 2013, he confessed on the Oprah Winfrey Show his guilt, the world was shocked. Having been banned from the sport in 2012 and having been removed almost all the titles won, including the seven victories in the Tour of France, the former cyclist saw his career shattered - as well as his reputation.

To a BBC interview the former cyclist stated that "I would probably cheat again", because doping was completely widespread back in 1995. But now, in 2015, Armstrong said he would not do it.