Since his divorce from Kris Jenner that the changes in Bruce Jenner's look have been a hot topic in the media. This, because he was seen with long hair, painted nails and makeup. These moments caught on photographs by paparazzi led to speculation of dementia or of a possible change of sex. It is now confirmed that the second hypothesis is the correct one.

Sources close to the former athlete's family finally revealed to the american magazine "PEOPLE" Bruce Jenner will soon live as a female. He has been making the transition gradually and according to the statements "he is finally happy and his family is accepting the change. (...) That's why this is a great time to do something like this".

And more is revealed: the 65 year-old star is filming a documentary about his voyage which will be shared with the world this year. There is just not yet any specific month or day: "it will air when he is prepared to open up about his transformation," confirms the source.

After much speculation, the reason why only now has the truth been finally confirmed has to do with Jenner's family: he made the decision to do things gradually so that the family had time to adapt. "Instead of shocking all, his changes have been subtle and his family was given the opportunity to slowly accept his new look and his new life".

What does seem to have happened: when questioned on the subject, the famous stepdaughter Kim Kardashian said only that people go through changes in life and that he would share his changes when ready to do so. His son Burt said the father "is fine", in comments to the american magazine. "Although not all accept the idea, (...) they all love him" says the close source. And by all, we mean his children Cassandra, 34, Burt, 36, Brandon, 33, Brody, 31, Kendall, 19 and Kylie, 17. Not to include his stepdaughters, the world-renowned Kardashian sisters, or his former wives. Therefore, a lot of people have to accept a drastic change.

But "his family is giving him space and time. (..) They want to give him the courage to tell his story and to help others. That is the purpose. (...) He's been through a dark period but he is coming out on the other side", concludes the source - with still no official comments by Bruce himself.

Bruce Jenner became known for his successful olympic athlete career, later for his reality star career in the US show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" (Jenner was their stepfather for years) and finally for his divorce from Kris Jenner. And if his appearance have always also been commented, because of his plastic surgeries, now Bruce takes the operations to a whole other level. Personally, and fully respecting his choices, just have the one question: how will his female version be called? I like Priscilla ... or Sandy Jenner!