Here are the six more of the strangest marriages.

The Berlin wall

Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer married the Berlin Wall in 1979. She claimed to have a loving relationship with the wall, whatever that means. Unfortunately she was widowed in 1989 and nobody was ever bought to justice for the murder of her husband. Some say 'he' died heroically in an attempt to help bring together those who had once been divided and I'm sure this knowledge is some small comfort to her on those cold lonely nights.

A warehouse

Babylonia Aivaz married a warehouse in Seattle in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent it's demolition.

For some unknown reason she likened her marriage to the building to gay marriage. I was unable to confirm the gender of the building as even if it was still standing, I wouldn't know where to look. She then announced her engagement to a neighbourhood in 2012, so at least she's moved on with her life and found love again.

A fairground ride

Amy Wolfe chose to shun the traditional marriage between two people and instead chose to wed a fairground ride in Pennsylvania called 1001 Nachts. The ride looks like a pretty tame one so fortunately for her the relationship wasn't a roller-coaster ride. I wish them both lots of happiness and the only advice I would give would be to sit back and enjoy the ride.

A pillowcase

Not to be outdone by the women, Lee Jin-gyu from Korea married a large pillowcase in 2010. The pillow case goes everywhere with him from meals out to trips to the fair. Let's just hope that the relationship doesn't become too smothering for him. I can see problems in the future of this relationship if he ever catches his wife sleeping around.

A car

Edward Smith from Washington got to know over 1000 cars (in the biblical sense) before he finally became a one car man and committed to "Vanilla."

Vanilla is a VW Beetle. And apparently she drives him round the bend, while always knows how to get her (engine) going.

A pineapple

A German pop star named Ramma Damma married a pineapple (who he) named, "Tippi â were" The wedding took place in Gretna Green.

Unfortunately, Tippi â were is no longer with us. Ramma Damma will always have sweet memories of the time they spent together, going to the cinema, (I bet she loved Sponge Bob:The movie) and going out for dinner. I just hope Ramma Damma never ordered a ham and pineapple pizza in front of her. Seeing the remains of her relatives in that state could have traumatised poor Tippi â were.