When someone makes his own version of Shakespeare's classic, chances of him falling flat on his face with his attempt are higher than the stars. So when Vishal Bhardwaj claimed his Indian version of Shakespeare's Hamlet will be a treat to Cinema lovers, everyone was in two minds about it. But like his earlier promises with movies like Kaminey, Ishqiya and Maqbool; even this time he proved there is a method to madness and how.

Haider is a story of a Kashmiri boy who returns to Kashmir to take revenge and in turn learns the twisted realities of life.

While the script is strong, the Urdu dialogues are stronger especially the scene where Haider played by Shahid Kapoor mouths the dialogue "Main Rahoon ki main nahi".

The beauty of Kashmir is a visual treat and as far as the performances are concerned Shahid as Haider has taken the character to new heights. Till date everyone knew he had potential and he is someone who is seen as a difficult to work with actor but with his Haider performance he has won all hearts, including those of the critics. The Bismil song will give you Goosebumps and remind you of the Bollywood classic Karz and make it highly relate-able.

Another beautiful and mesmerizing performer in the movie is Tabu with her simplistic yet convincing looks and portrayal of a half widow and a mother to Haider.

Tabu has been evolving like a phoenix in Bollywood and is apple of the eye of every thinking Indian who is a cinema lover. The two Salmans highlighting the 1990's Salman hits and Shraddha Kapoor i.e. Arshia's broken English. Apart from adding a comic relief to the otherwise dark set up, the 2 Salmans also represent a very realistic fact residing in the Kashmir valley of youths who have no idea about the politics and religion and thus cannot decide which the correct side to back is.

The first half will make you feel a bit lost but the second half will make you realize that you being lost in the first half was a pre requisite to understand the second half. The climax is as marvelous as every other scene and is shot beautifully.

All in all a big THANK YOU to Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj for creating another classic