When the Badshah of Bollywood announced Happy New Year as his biggest release of 2014; violins started playing, roses started blooming faster and among st all the hysteria every Shahrukh Khan fan awaited this Film with the biggest expectation. Technically speaking Shahrukh's Happy New Year has all factors which are a prerequisite for a Bollywood movie to break all Bollywood box office records, a huge star cast, a foreign location, a merciless villain and above all an ending which resolves all conflicts. But what this movie lacks is a good script which makes sense.

When you are watching a movie about a grand robbery, all one expects is a loop less turn of events which has a logical backing but HNY has many loopholes and falls flat on that angle.

As far as brands are considered, Puma is the outstanding one with the maximum screen time given to it while Videocon, Lenovo, Lux Cozi and Duster are among st the secondary brands sharing the HNY experience.

Abhishek Bachchan seems to have become comfortable with the genre of comedy and stick to it with this one too. While his portrayal of Nandu is funny and from the heart, the other character Vicky is wasted and seems to have lost track of himself. The first half makes you feel like the movie is a collection of random comedy videos about losers sewed together with songs being played as filler, and this makes the whole HNY experience cumbersome.

While the movie has garnered huge success at the box office breaking all records, it is very apparent that the charm of Shahrukh Khan has worked and nothing else; because if you take out Shahrukh Khan from the movie the collections and reviews would have been really on the other end.

Speaking of the female main lead of the movie i.e.

Deepika Padukone, she seems to be wasted other than a few latkas and Jhatkas here and there. Her "Lovely" song is one of the two bearable songs of the movie, the other being "Manva Lage re". Sonu Sood & Boman Irani give you a few chuckles but it stops there and after a point their characters do become boring.

HYN is feels like a half-hearted combination of Baazigar & Ocean's 11. All in all it is a one-time watch, that too strictly for Shahrukh Khan fans.