Shahrukh Khan, Farah Khan, Abhishek Bachchan , Deepika PAdukone, Boman Irani, Jackie Shroff and Sonu Sood, these are some very well-known names of Bollywood Cinema and when all of them come together for a movie, expectations are rise like mercury.

With Happy New Year, Shahrukh Khan has proved a point, that he is a Superstar and will remain so even when his movies have the lamest direction & screenplay. When you have someone like Sharukh to support your whole movie, it would have been great if more brains were involved in writing this no brainer rather than just random sequence of events sewed together.

Starting with Mr.Shahrukh Khan , he looks amazing like always but the six eight or ten pack abs fail to and any charm to his already beaming personality. We have loved his smile, his wink, his song & dance and that is what makes him Shahrukh Khan; why destroy that and follow the rat race of making six or eight pack abs is still a question.

Deepika Padukone is purely wasted in the movie, as Mohini she does try to make you laugh with her half-baked english; but do you feel like laughing on her english post the first 3 times? Not really. The key to comedy is unpredictability and HNY seems to have lost on that point. Shahrukh's character Charlie's favorite dialogue is "Kismat badi hi kutti cheez hoti hai, kabhi bhi palat sakti hai", he repeats it on 3 occasions again highlighting the fact that there was a scarcity on the budget for writing.

While the lead pair fails to develop any emotion in the audience to see them come together, the supporting cast helps the makers to extend the movie to a long 3 hours. A few scenes could really have been done away with because the first half takes ages to complete and leaves you bored.

Harping on music & dialogues of your previous hit movies is a good thing, but using them as a prerequisite to make your current story outstanding is again a lazy idea.

Abhishek Bachchan has acted flawlessly as Nandu but his character has many flaws which you are supposed to laugh at ; like his habit of puking on demand which will make you cringe rather than laugh.

It is laden with many loopholes which are a disaster for a movie which is based on a grand robbery, like Jackie's character completely ignores that a guy dancing in front of him in a dance competition which he is judging, looks exactly like his son.

Also the newspapers are loaded with Nandu's pictures which reach even India, but the villain Jackie Shroff's character ignores that too, why? No one knows.

All in all HNY is a one-time watch for Shahrukh Khan Fans, others can watch it with an open mind with logics flying out of this planet.