Director - Raj Nidimoru , Krishna DK

Cast - Saif Ali Khan, Ileana D'cruz, Govinda, Kalki Koechlin

Saif Ali Khan is becoming more predictable in his choice of movies with every passing day, and Happy Ending is not alien to those choices. Saif plays his run of the mill foreign return love atheist writer character which makes you yawn and cringe to uncontrollable levels.

Saif plays a one-time published hot writer Yudi who is a broke stud, or at least that is what he thinks he is. Ileana D'cruz plays Aanchal Reddy who is an upcoming writer who entices her readers by her love stories while she herself doesn't believe in the idea of love at all.

Moreover she is the one who steals the little limelight Yudi (Saif) has left in his career through her writing skills and applauds. The first 20 minutes of the movie actually set a very good plot of two very different novelists, a one-time successful novelist and one romance novelist who mocks love in her real life; but that is all there to watch. The movie just doesn't excite you post setting this plot, everything goes downhill from here.

Apart from the boring treatment to the plot there is another big flaw which stares you into the eye throughout the movie, and that is the sheer absence of chemistry between the lead pair Saif Ali Khan as Yudi and Ileana D'cruz as Aanchal. While they try their best to emote love, romance and everything lovely but as an audience all you feel is a yawn in progress.

The major setback also lies in Saif playing his usual character which has now become his comfort zone. Leaving apart Omkara we are yet to see him in a movie where he is not playing a womanizer or a foreign return lad or a love hater. It gets too repetitive to watch Yudi, been there seen that.

The only best thing about the movie is yet again Govinda, he has proved that he is the best when it comes to make you smile.

He plays Armaan who is a single screen superstar and is out there to woo the multiplex audience; the process is hilarious with some precious Govinda dialogues. Also Kalki shines as Armaan's (Govinda) extra possessive girlfriend.

All in all , Happy Ending is a one-time watch that too just for the sake of splendid performances by Govinda and Kalki.