Homelessness is one of the major problems nowadays. It is affecting the human societies, and no measures have been taken by the officials to deal with this issue. Millions to billions of people all over the world have no houses. They, instead, spend their lives on the footpath or in the temporary shelter centers. This issue has not only badly impacted poor and needy people, but also many Homeless individuals belong to wealthy families. These individuals have been thrown out of their houses by their own kids or the relatives. In almost all big cities of England, USA, UAE, and Asia there are peoplewho cannot afford houses of their own.

One of the core difficulties in eradicating this problem is that the number of homeless people is increasing day by day. Extreme poverty, unemployment, domestic violence, and/or drug abuse have forced these people to live miserable lives. The cities mentioned here have devastating numbers of homeless people who sleep rough every night and they need immediate help.


Various research projects carried out in this Irish city reveals that more than two thousand people are homeless. The recent years have seen up to twenty people becoming homeless on a daily basis. There are even individuals who are living in this miserable condition along with their entire families. They spend their lives onto the streets.

Unfortunately, most of them have not even been provided with sheltered accommodation. Mike Allen, of the advocacy group Focus, has claimed that the rise in homelessness is the result of poor global economy and lack of a sufficient number of jobs. As a result of this, the homeless people can neither afford to buy even a single-room apartment nor can they rent any house.


Various factors are behind the increased number of homeless people in London, England. The reports make it clear that the poverty has reached an alarming level in different parts of Europe over the last few decades. Moreover, the uncertain domestic crises and being jobless for months push these people behind the race.

The massive cut in housing benefits and welfare aids from the government side has affected up to 25% people of London.

Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, has undergone extreme economic problems recently. The country’s major population is struggling for survival. The homeless people start suffering from health complications due to lack of facilities. Data reveals that approximately 25,000 people in Buenos Aires are spending their lives in either sheltered accommodation or on the footpath. Amazingly, many of them are in this situation along with their little children and old-age parents. It is very unfortunate that the number of homeless individuals in this city is increasing day by day.

They require immediate help. As the government lacks sufficient funds for combating the problem, NGOs and welfare organizationsneed to step to the frore.

Los Angeles.

Like various prosperous cities, Los Angeles has a high cost of living, and not all of the people can afford it. As a result of this, they have been forced to sleep on the streets. They are left homeless, jobless, and even there, little or no food available. According to an estimate, the number of homeless people in this city is up to 50,000. Half of their population is African-American. The extreme shortage of accommodation has led many of the Americans to sleep without shelter.