If David Cameron remained cautious about the exploitation of Shale Gas byhydraulic fracturing, Theresa Mayseems to accelerate drilling and production. There are ten areas that received a license to permit in England and Wales (against one in Scotland, this cannot explain this). The new government wants to counter the opposition of the residents by giving them high allowances.

Upon the formation of her government, Theresa Mayremoved the ministry devoted to the preservation of the environment and climate change. Its prerogatives are now vaguely assigned to the Ministry of Economic Development, Energy and Industrial Policy.

One of the last measures of the former ministry was to eliminate subsidies to 36 companies dedicated to renewable biomass production. One of the first decisions of the new ministry was to delay the announcement of the construction of the nuclear plant atHinkley Point.

The contract was to be signed in late July

The contract won't be signed until the autumn. On Monday, the British government is expected to unveil details of a comprehensive compensation plan for areas of future shale gasextraction. This could represent on average a tidy sum of 13,000 pounds per household (up to 65 and 000 in the sparsely populated areas) for municipalities. The aim is to influence reluctant mayors, who might fear for their re-election unless they do this unexpected windfall.

Under the new proposed terms, part of that money could be paid directly to the people. The overall budget will be around EUR 12 million at current prices.

What could apply in the future?

Benefitting taxpayers in the neighborhood of future industrial sites could apply in the future.Blockage of the project of two nuclear reactorsmeans finding alternative energy sources.

Despite strong competition between suppliers, the British are very unhappy withelectricity and gas tariffs.Reaching the flex would be a net electoral argument.The decisions of the UK Government will be dependent for post-Brexit, or weight that could be taken in the negotiations.