Bird Box Challenge is still going strong

"The Bird Box" challenge continues to show people doing crazy things while blindfolded. [Image Inside Edition/YouTube]
"The Bird Box" challenge continues to show people doing crazy things while blindfolded. [Image Inside Edition/YouTube]

A challenge based on the Netflix movie Bird Box has people wearing blindfolds and doing silly things, including driving cars and riding escalators.

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People aren't giving up on the Bird Box Challenge

Ever since Netflix started streaming their new horror FilmBird Box,” people worldwide have been participating in the latest craze. The “Bird Box Challenge” has inspired many people to do stupid things, while covering their eyes with a blindfold. The streaming platform took to Twitter, begging viewers not to try the dangerous challenge.

The reason for the madness is that Sandra Bullock’s character in the film had to wear a blindfold to navigate her way through a forest and dangerous river without seeing the monsters that would make her and her children commit suicide.

Jake Paul of YouTube fame recently posted a video, showing him and his friend driving a car and walking into busy traffic while blindfolded. Paul gave a disclaimer on the video, telling people not to try this at home. The disclaimer didn’t work, as recently a teenage girl crashed her car while participating in the challenge - luckily with no one hurt. The following are more examples of the continuing madness.


'Bird Box' dinners in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Guac y Margys is a margarita bar in Atlanta, Georgia. The bar took advantage of the “Bird Box Challenge” with a “Bird Box” dinner. Their advertising for the event mentioned how difficult it is to walk around the house blindfolded. It then invites diners to experience tacos and margaritas while unable to see. They tell diners if they can correctly identify the tacos and margaritas while blindfolded, they will receive a free homemade cookie for dessert. The event will be held on 24 January.


'Bird Box Challenge' destroys home

This is what happens when a father encourages his kids to try out the challenge. This kid was captured on video crashing into the furniture along the way. However, the father did give a disclaimer in the video description, telling kids not to try this at home, but then, so did Netflix and the “fun” still continues.

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