5 amazing rescue stories in the news this week

Amazing helicopter rescue up in the French Alps. [Image BBC News/YouTube]
Amazing helicopter rescue up in the French Alps. [Image BBC News/YouTube]

A stunning helicopter rescue, a mountain goat dug out of the snow, a car crashes into a FHP cruiser, a high-angle rope rescue and a cute puppy tale.

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5 incredible rescues of this week

The New Year has only recently begun, but that hasn't stopped several heroes from rescuing people and animals in distress. The following are five amazing rescues in the headlines this week complete with video footage, except for number five, a cute puppy rescue story.


Amazing helicopter rescue in the French Alps

Dramatic footage was captured of a helicopter rescue in the French Alps. A man had injured his knee while on a ski trip. A helicopter team was called to the scene and the video captured the amazing rescue by the pilot and crew. As can be seen, the helicopter pilot planted his aircraft’s right landing skid into the snow, allowing three rescue team members to climb out and treat the man, known only as Bruno. They fitted a leg brace before the helicopter once again performed the daring feat.


Mountain goat rescued by Austrian railway workers

Austrian railway workers were busy clearing snow off the track, but stopped after spotting a mountain goat in trouble. Their efforts had regrettably buried the animal in a deep pile of snow. Two workers leapt from their train to rescue the chamois and dug it out of the snow. According to the men, the animal appeared to be transfixed by the sight of the oncoming train and didn’t move despite their honking. Once it was free, the chamois loped away.

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