5 weird stories that hit the headlines this week

Among the alternate headlines this week we have some strange tales that liven up the otherwise gloomy Brexit/Trump stories.


In Weird news of the week, there has already been a YouTube celebrity taking on a 24-hour "Bird Box Challenge [VIDEO]," driving and walking into the street blindfolded.

As if that wasn't enough, there is now a man, who was caught on security camera [VIDEO] while licking a California family's doorbell for three hours. Next in line is a monster "fatberg" blocking the UK's sewers, a dog that only responds to Harry Potter magic spells, a moose who strolled into a hospital and munched the pot plants and a monster tuna sold for an unreal amount of money.


Intruder licks family's doorbell for three hours

A Salinas, California, family had just installed a new security system and the first incident caught was a man licking their doorbell for at least three hours on Monday night. The family was away at the time, but the man also roamed their yard, picked up an extension cord and dropped it and urinated on their lawn. Sylvia Dungan said she was shocked when watching the video, saying it was just “weird.” Roberto Daniel Arroyo, 33, is likely to face misdemeanour charges.


Monster 'Fatberg' found in UK sewer

This isn’t the first time a monster “fatberg” has been found in the UK’s sewers. This whopping “fatberg” is 210 foot in length (64 metres) and was found in Sidmouth. It is made up of grease and used baby wipes that people have wrongly flushed down the loo. Removing this nasty mess will reportedly be “exceptionally challenging.” The last major “fatberg” seen in 2017 was in London and was 820 foot long (250 metres) and weighed 143 ton. It took months for workers to clean it all out.


Cute dog responds only to Harry Potter spells

Brizzy Voices on YouTube has posted a video of her dog Remus. She is obviously a big fan of Harry Potter and has trained her long-haired mini-dachshund to respond and do tricks to the spells from the books and films. Remus even has his own Instagram account @remus_the_doxie.


Moose strolls into a hospital just like she owns the place

A female moose wandered into an Anchorage, Alaska hospital on Monday and Stephanie Hupton, who works there, captured the whole incident on her phone. In the video, the moose can be seen browsing the plants at the entrance to the hospital. It then looks at the camera before slowly strolling out of an open door.


Dead bluefin tuna sells for $3 million (£2.3 million)

A 612 lb (278 kg) bluefin tuna was sold in Japan for a massive 333.6 million yen ($3 million/£2.3 million) at a Tokyo auction. This was the first auction of 2019 and the purchaser was Kiyoshi Kimura, who runs the Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain. According to a beaming Kimura, the quality of the tuna he bought was the best.

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