New Year's honours list for most moving contributions in public life

British divers, a female firefighter, terror attack responders, a father, Emmeline Pankhurst’s descendant, a Welsh rocker and a businesswoman.


Many heart-warming stories [VIDEO] are behind the New Year’s honours list, where Britons receive awards for moving contributions in public life.

Besides the famous faces and celebrities, the people receiving honours are the British divers involved in the rescue of the group of Thai boys who were trapped in a cave, paramedics who were involved in the aftermath of terror attacks, the first female firefighter in Northern Ireland, Emmeline Pankhurst's great-granddaughter, a Welsh rocker fighting cancer and a nurse turned businesswoman. Their seven moving stories [VIDEO] are included here.


British divers involved in rescue of Thai boys trapped in cave

As noted by the BBC, British divers Richard Stanton and John Volanthen were first to reach the Thai boys trapped in a cave this year in a rescue that captured the attention of the world. They received the George Medal. Joshua Bratchley, Vernon Unsworth and Lance Corporal Connor Roe were appointed MBEs for their involvement in the rescue. Jason Mallinson and Christopher Jewell received the Queen’s Gallantry Medal, awarded for commendable acts of bravery.


First female firefighter in Northern Ireland

Heather Smart became the first female firefighter in Northern Ireland in 1991 and retired earlier in 2018. Smart will receive an MBE in the latest New Year’s honours. She reportedly paved the way for the now 62 women in the firefighting service in Northern Ireland. Interim chief fire officer Alan Walmsley said she was a “passionate advocate and ambassador” for other female members of the force. He said it was a “fitting recognition” for her services.


Terror attack responders in London and Manchester

Dr Malik Ramadhan is awarded an OBE for his services in the aftermath of the London Bridge attack. Paul Woodrow of the London Ambulance Service received an OBE for the care of victims of the London attack and the Grenfell Tower fire. Colin Kelsey led the response of the NHS to the Manchester Arena attack and was awarded an OBE. Peter Boorman also received an OBE for his work in the terror attacks, the Grenfell Tower fire and Wannacry Hospital cyber attack and the tram crash in Croydon.


Father of domestic violence victim honoured

John Clough’s daughter Jane was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 2010. He and his wife Penny received an MBE and have been involved in campaigning for domestic violence victims ever since. Clough is an ambassador for the National Stalking Advocacy Service who want to make a national register for domestic abusers and serial stalkers. They also launched SafeNet, a campaign for more refuge funding and in 2018 opened a refuge for those with complex needs called Jane’s Place.


Dr Helen Pankhurst, Emmeline Pankhurst’s great-granddaughter, honoured for services to gender equality

Suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst’s great-granddaughter, Dr Helen Pankhurst has been awarded a CBE for her services towards gender equality. Pankhurst is a senior adviser for CARE International, an agency fighting global poverty. It was noted that this year marks the 100th anniversary of women being able to vote in a general election. Helen said she needs to keep campaigning, as her name gives her a voice. She said when people hear the name Pankhurst; they are likely to listen.


Mike Peters, a Welsh rocker awarded for services to cancer charity

Mike Peters was the founder of the rock band The Alarm and had a successful stage career. However, after suffering a battle three times with cancer, he founded the Love Hope Strength Foundation, an organisation raising money for cancer treatments via music events. Peters was to continue saving lives from cancer and thanked everyone for their support saying the MBE is really for everyone who backed the campaign.


Businesswoman behind African childbirth charities made a dame

Ann Gloag is a former nurse, now philanthropist and businesswoman, who has set up various African childbirth charities and aided hospital ships. Gloag already has an OBE but has now been made a dame for her work with Freedom from Fistula and multiple projects in Sierra Leone, Malawi and Kenya. She is also involved with Mercy Ships, a hospital ship charity.


Famous faces who are honoured this year

The video displays the celebrities who were also listed in the latest New Year's honours awards.

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