Looking back at 5 stories from the stranger side of air travel in 2018

Male flight attendants doing a stripper-like safety check, aggressive passengers duct-taped to seats and a gate agent who laughed at a child's name.


Let's face it, air travel can be difficult, tiring and expensive and all anyone really wants is to get to their destination with as little trouble as possible.

As reported by Business Insider, the aviation industry had a busy year during 2018 with almost four billion people travelling by plane worldwide. While most of these flights went without incident on all airlines, some surprising and often shocking stories did occur [VIDEO] relating to either crew members or passengers.

With every flight, we sit through the onboard safety demonstration, which for those who travel frequently is a pain. There was the fun story of a male flight attendant getting seductive while doing the pre-flight safety check.

Some airlines have hit the headlines with various other unusual stories [VIDEO], including a gate agent who laughed at a child's name, posting a copy of the boarding pass online. A drunken passenger body-slammed a flight attendant, while another had to be duct-taped and zip-tied to his seat after becoming aggressive.


Southwest Airlines apologises for mocking five-year-old's name

BBC recently reported that when Traci Redford and her daughter, Abcde (pron. Ab-si-dee) were about to board their flight home to El Paso, Texas, a Southwest Airlines gate agent reportedly started laughing. The agent photographed the five-year-old girl’s boarding pass and posted it on social media. Southwest Airlines later issued an apology, saying this was not indicative of the airline’s respect, care and civility, adding it takes great pride in extending Southwest hospitality to all customers.


Southwest Airlines male employee performs stripper-like routine during safety demonstration

A flight attendant on a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Omaha amused passengers by performing a stripper-like routine while going through the pre-flight safety check. He played it up, seductively sliding down the wall and then did a stomp down the aisle, while another flight attendant went through the information by intercom. While it’s hard to get hold of that video, it seems this wasn’t his first time and the video below shows another hilarious pre-flight safety check last year.


Drunken passenger 'body slams' flight attendant

A drunken passenger tackled a Qantas flight attendant after she tried to stop him filming her on his mobile phone. Patrick Walters “body-slammed” Karyn Dwyer, the flight attendant, backward into the galley of the plane as it prepared to take off from Port Hedland to Brisbane last year. He has now been found guilty of assault and is going behind bars for one year.


Passenger duct-taped and zip-tied after biting flight crew member

Back in February, a flight crew on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Charlotte had to zip-tie and duct-tape a passenger to his seat after he attempted to bite and kick flight attendants. The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force stated the passenger had “knowingly and intentionally” interfered with the operation of the plane by assaulting and intimidating the flight crew.


'Drunk and disorderly' flight attendant

On the other side of the aisle, after a flight attendant became “drunk and disorderly,” making erratic boarding announcements in May, United Airlines compensated the passengers on a Trans States Airlines flight as a “gesture of goodwill". The flight attendant was either stoned or drunk at the time and was acting in a belligerent way towards the passengers.

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