5 best sci-fi films and series to binge watch on Netflix

A selection of old and new science fiction movies and shows to stream on Netflix this Sunday.


While Netflix is constantly coming out with new films [VIDEO] and original series to stream, they also host a number of older science fiction movies or shows that are still worthwhile watching.

Here we have a blast from the 1980s past, love between AI and human, a Netflix Original Film and series and a SyFy show, all perfect for streaming [VIDEO] on a chilly Sunday.


'*batteries not included' (1987)

This movie is a blast from the ‘80s past and is great for the whole family. It features a bunch of residents who refuse to be evicted from their apartment building. All of them have their own problems, but they get help in the form of little “fix-it” flying robots. Their heart-warming stories are perfect for these modern times.


'Her' (2013)

“Her” reveals the perils of falling in love with AI. Joaquin Phoenix stars as an office worker who has trouble finding love until he discovers his soulmate in the form of Scarlett Johansson’s voice playing an artificial intelligence helper. With all the recent stories of people marrying virtual partners and having sex robots at their beck and call, this film points out the dangers.


'Anon' (2018) - Netflix Original

This Netflix Original tells the story of a dystopian future where privacy is a thing of the past. Starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried, after a killer avoids detection by widespread surveillance, things become increasingly dangerous. Owen plays a detective trying to solve a series of murders when he comes across a young woman who has no identity or history and is invisible to the police. He soon realises that having no privacy would not be the end of crime, but rather the beginning.


'Altered Carbon' Season 1

This Netflix Original exclusive sci-fi series is set in a distant future where human consciousness can be digitised and downloaded into new bodies, meaning those with the money could live forever. When one such rich person is murdered, an ex-soldier is brought back to life after 250 years to solve the murder in a world he does not recognise.


‘Ascension’ Season 1

This six-part Syfy miniseries looks back at President John F. Kennedy’s space ambitions and imagines a scenario in which a secret mission was launched in the 1960s by the US to colonise another planet. The well-written series has some good twists along the way to tease viewers, including a murder on the ship around 50 years after its launch.

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