9 Christmas memes to make you chuckle or think

There is nothing quite like modern social media for celebrating the Christmas holidays in a different fashion, with funny and thoughtful memes.


Christmas is the perfect time for social media to celebrate [VIDEO] in its own, inimitable style. First, there's Christmas Eve Eve, then there's Christmas. Out comes the humour in a myriad of ways, particularly on Twitter!

Enjoy some of the best Christmas memes below, including the family dog [VIDEO] wrecking the holidays!


Jealous boyfriend and the meaning of Christmas

Remember that famous meme where the guy was checking out another girl? Someone did a bit of photoshop which sends a poignant message about the true meaning of Christmas.


Before and after with Air France

While this meme is in Spanish, that fat plane does somewhat resemble me this morning!


Two people buy the same gift for your kid

This is a risk everyone takes when buying gifts for children! Now they both have to fight it out.


Christmas trees and dogs (cats and kids too!)

That tree does look yummy! Can I eat it? Such a cute face.


Who ate all the presents?

Keeping with dogs, can you imagine the horror of finding this on Christmas morning?


A Grumpy Cat Christmas

At least he tried to look festive! However, Grumpy Cat tends to resemble the Grinch as Christmas time!


Full moon at Christmas

This person has a point! Family, alcohol, too much chocolate and a full moon too!


Even Santa needs group therapy!

Travelling the whole world in one night can be trying on the nerves.


Does my family really know me?

Many people can relate to this sentiment, but there's always "re-gifting" next year!

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