14 fun dog memes to liven up the week

Man's best friend features all over social media, not just as cute pets but also for laughs.

Dogs are officially man's best friend and social media [VIDEO] can't stop talking about them. Sometimes they look so funny a meme doesn't need any words. However, many Photoshop users have a lot of fun with images of cute mutts.

The following is a selection of dog-related memes to make your week [VIDEO].


Game player dog

@memezebra is obviously a heavy game player and decided to include a dog in his fun.


Face-slapping husky

@MEXICANMEMES came up with this gem of a dog slapping the face of his owner.


I don't always bark

Many of us can relate to @dogsarethebestt - sweet little angels all day and hell hounds by night.


Anti-Christmas dog

The cute pup belongong to @stephaniepls has already had enough of Christmas and it's still a couple of weeks away. How many of us can relate?


School therapy dog gets featured in Yearbook

A very nice touch by the school whose therapy dog made it into the Yearbook. Just look at that face! However, it's sad to think we need such things in these violent times.


Doggie wink

This cute dog just got a compliment and winked at the photographer so provocatively.


Cat hides from two vicious Dobermans

Let's face it - cats fool the dogs all the time, but how did he manage to stand up so perfectly?


Gun-wielding dog

Some people are just too darn good with Photoshop. Here's a pup telling you to put up your hands.


Cat at the drive-thru

It's not often you see a cat in a car, so we can sympathise with this very confused canine.


Exercise is all important

This dog is making sure he stretches properly before taking off after the postman.


I think we have termites

This proud dog managed to make his own viewpoint in his home. The windows were just a tad too high.


Amazing resemblance to Harry Potter?

Someone is definitely a Harry Potter fan. This pug looks very intelligent in glasses, but is he a puggle in disguise?


Buried in the sand

Most dogs love going to the beach, but the patience of this poor pup knows no bounds.


Motivated by treats?

This is a question that is likely on the mind of every dog.

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