5 of the best original movies and shows available on Amazon Prime

Recommended films for streaming from Amazon Prime. [Image Amazon Studios/YouTube]
Recommended films for streaming from Amazon Prime. [Image Amazon Studios/YouTube]

As the holidays get closer and the shopping frenzy continues, take time out to relax with these Amazon Prime series and films available to stream now.

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Amazon is more than buying books, gifts and items for the home. Their streaming platform offers high-quality film content and binge-worthy series on a regular basis. Some of their original films hit the cinemas, while others have had Oscar nominations and series have been Emmy-nominated

The following is a list of Amazon Original movies to stream this weekend. There's a hit man who starts doing good, but things go bad, a romance Film based on a true story, a drunk who ends up in a wheelchair after his friend dozed off at the wheel, a funny series featuring Julia Roberts and an Emmy-award-winning series based in New York in 1958.


‘You Were Never Really Here’ (2017)

The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as a troubled hitman who has a dark past. To make up for his past, the former FBI agent and military man now rescues victims of sex trafficking. A senator recruits him to save his daughter from a high-end brothel, but things go wrong.


'The Big Sick' (2017)

The Big Sick is a romantic comedy based on a true story about a courtship between Kumail Nanjiani, a Pakistan-born comedian and Emily Gordon, a grad student, who fall in love despite their different cultures. Emily then contracts a mysterious ailment and falls into a coma. Kumail is then forced to face her parents and his true feelings.

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