5 shows and films coming on Netflix in November and December

A selection of out of the ordinary series and films coming to Netflix during November and December and just in time for Christmas.

Netflix is constantly coming up with great shows [VIDEO], films and their own Netflix Originals. The following are five of the latest series and films [VIDEO] heading to the streaming channel during late November and December.

The following are a bit more unusual than the standard Netflix streaming choice. There are the wonders of Bruce Springsteen, an augmented-reality game in Granada, Spain and a British magician travelling the world doing stunts that killed other magicians. There's also a show about augmented-reality set in Granada, Spain, an Australian spy thriller and a British romantic comedy.


'Springsteen on Broadway'

The critically-acclaimed performance by Bruce Springsteen during a concert residency on Broadway is making its global debut on the streaming channel and can be enjoyed from 16 December. The original show was held at Walter Kerr Theatre in New York City during October 2017.


'Memories of the Alhambra'

If you don’t mind sub-titles, “Memories of the Alhambra” is a great film for those interested in augmented-reality games. Set in Granada, Spain, the film features an investment company executive who heads to the city looking for the crypted creator of a game. He ends up meeting a woman who runs a hostel in the city. The film streams on Netflix on 1 December 2018. There are some famous faces, and great music plays throughout.


'Death By Magic'

This one starts streaming shortly before December, on 30 November. The reality show features a British magician, Drummond Money-Coutts who travels the world to recreate magic stunts that cost famous magicians their lives. It is considered to be the most extreme magic show ever. Stunts include being buried under wet concrete, escaping colliding with a speeding train and more.


'Pine Gap'

This Australian thriller series features a top-secret US/Australian joint defence facility called Pine Gap. When the critical alliance looks like failing, spies work with, and against, each other to try and keep the coalition going. All episodes start streaming on Netflix on 7 December.


'Love Actually'

Streaming just in time for the Christmas season, the classic film “Love Actually” is an ensemble, romantic comedy telling ten love stories set in London which intertwine. As reported by news.com.au, the romantic climax of the story comes on Christmas Eve.

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