6 Christmas ads to move your heart and open your wallet

All the big shop chains are pushing TV ads for Christmas to get you to shop with them this year. [Image Sainbury's/YouTube]
All the big shop chains are pushing TV ads for Christmas to get you to shop with them this year. [Image Sainbury's/YouTube]

It's that perfect time of year when the big stores and supermarket chains do their best to get you to shop with them, using heartwarming festive ads.

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6 Christmas ads to bring a little tear and make you go shopping

While recent news, especially in The Guardian, is mainly about the fact that Elton John stars in the John Lewis Christmas ad to tremendous effect, other big shops and supermarket chains are also doing their best this year.

They want to move your hearts, make you shed a little tear and, of course, open up the wallets and purses to spend your hard-earned cash in their shops during the run-up to the Christmas period.

In their report, The Sun has rated the ads in popularity, but here they are randomly listed for your pleasure and your own rating. However, it is interesting to note that Iceland is winning the viewership stakes on YouTube, heading towards five million and slightly ahead of John Lewis.

Grab the popcorn and keep a box of tissues handy while you watch the Christmas adverts below.


Sainsbury's 'The Big Night'

Sainsbury's “The Big Night” stars an eight-year-old girl giving her best performance for her mum. North Star is nervous initially, but she is backed by a cast of 59 other kids (from six to 11). All have the perfect Christmas-related costumes. As North Star gets more confident, the full cast is revealed, along with a 40 ft Christmas tree and 14 ft gravy boat. Their real parents were in the audience and were kept away until shoot day. This made their reactions so much more real. Tissue anyone?


‘No Palm Oil:’ The Iceland ad that was banned from TV

You won’t see Iceland’s viral moving Christmas ad on television, because it was banned for being “too controversial.” The animated short film is urging everyone to stop buying products containing palm oil as the product is leading to deforestation throughout Asia and endangering orang-utans. The supermarket chain has sworn off selling products with the controversial ingredient, and they invite you to meet Rang-tan and hear her story.

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