It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, way too early in the year. It seems John Lewis is already preparing their Christmas advert and this year it will star none other than Sir Elton John. Elton, 71, is reportedly getting a huge £5 million for the deal too.

John has already reportedly spent four days in the Pinewood Studios in London recording the advert in which he will sing a different version of his classic “Your Song,” while the storyline of the ad will span John’s lifetime of Christmases.

‘Very charming’ and ‘very sweet’ Christmas ad

The Mail Online reported the news of the John Lewis Christmas advert, quoting a source as saying the store chain wants to beat Marks & Spencer's in this year’s battle of the Christmas ads.

Besides the massive payout to Elton John for his role in the advert, John Lewis has paid out a “significant sum” in preparing its Christmas promotion. The source said they believe having John on board will definitely guarantee the ad’s popularity with the general public.

The source added that the advert is a “tear-jerker” but is very sweet, following Elton from his childhood, through his teens and up until how the singer/songwriter is today. They said it is very charming and ends with John himself, playing his piano.

John Lewis spokesperson responds

Despite what the source has been spreading around, a spokesperson for John Lewis says much of the information doing the rounds in the media is “wildly inaccurate.” They do say they enjoy all the speculation surrounding their TV adverts, but their one major rule is not to comment on any particular aspect of the advert, because they simply want to retain the magic around the whole thing.

Last year, it was thought that Marks & Spencer’s Paddington Bear advert had won that year’s Christmas battle. Meanwhile, John Lewis’s ad told the tale of a young boy, who makes friends with the monster hiding under his bed. That advert was backed with the band Elbow playing a cover version of “Golden Slumbers” originally sung by the Beatles.

Elton did feature, in song form at least, in the 2010 John Lewis ad. His song, “Tiny Dancer” was performed by Ellie Goulding. However, if the source is correct, this will be the first time John has featured in one of their ads in person.

The Mail Online said a spokesman for John had declined to comment about the rumours. Meanwhile, and as reported by NME, Elton will be starting his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour, with UK concerts to be held in Hove and Cardiff and in Dublin, Ireland during June 2019. His final tour will take him to five continents while playing a huge 300 shows. As for the Christmas ad, we will just have to wait and see.